About Us


HI-TEK, Inc. is a privately held Company with offices in San Diego, California, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Vientiane, Laos.  Since 1995, we have successfully designed and developed numerous innovative interactive e-commerce websites portal to promote travel, tourism, and internet services worldwide. We continue to position ourselves as a reliable and competitive global online travel services and reservation provider.  With our intuitive, highly secured proprietary e-commerce travel platform in multiple languages and Vietnamese visa processing capabilities, HI-TEK offers our global business and leisure Travelers discount rates for flights, hotels, entertainments and tour packages. HI-TEK provides state of the art tools to our affiliates to ensure optimal productivity and customer satisfaction.


Tom M. Johnson – Chairman & CEO

Mr. Tom Johnson is an experienced high technology entrepreneur with strong business, marketing, and software management experience.  For over five years, he was a Senior Coder and Programmer at UCSD’s California Space Institute and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  His main responsibility included maintaining, coding/programming, digitizing, and processing satellite data to study the effects of El Nino on the global climate.   He taught digital image processing to graduate students, post-doctorates, and Navy personnel on a $2M HP-3000 mainframe system.

For numerous years, working closely with the San Diego, Hawai’i, Vietnam Tourism and Baja California, Mexico Convention Bureaus has permitted Mr. Johnson to better understand the importance of developing efficient online sales and marketing reservation programs to service global business and leisure customers.  As a result, Mr. Johnson and his skillful HI-TEK software and designing team have produced numerous proprietary online e-commerce and mobile booking applications.

 Aside graduating from UCSD, having years of experience in the computer coding/programming areas and working with the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries, Mr. Johnson is dedicated to implementing internal programs to provide HI-TEK’s customers with excellent services.

Dr. Lee P. Johnson, President & CTO

Dr. Lee Johnson is a highly educated in Mathematics and Computer Science and experienced Senior Software Development Engineer with extensive project management and market vision.  He has over 5 years of experience with IBM and Intel in designing, developing, managing, and marketing state of the art software products and information architecture systems.  He has consulted for several years to various well-known Hollywood studios by producing short clips of computerized animation and special effects for infomercial videos.  In addition, he has -collaborated with numerous software producers such as Microsoft  software , Windows95,  Adobe software, Ulead-MS Studio, Xing (MPEG), and other alpha and beta multi-level security programming tester. In 1984, Dr. Lee Johnson was the creator of the VNI encoding character set and IME program to develop a Vietnamese software keyboard's toolbar that eases Vietnamese language use on computers for word processing today. 

Dr. Lee Johnson is very knowledgeable and has developed numerous software and online programs, including secured e-commerce platform specific to domain names registration, travel and electronic visa processing.  His expertise has provided HI-TEK with a solid foundation in producing advanced but easy to use websites and mobile applications in multiple languages to better serve our customers in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. 

At HI-TEK, Dr. Lee Johnson is principally responsible for forming alliances with the Vietnamese government, and has traveled extensively to and within Vietnam in the past 17 years. He is currently working with the Vietnamese government and has positioned HI-TEK as the Country's Global Marketing Agent.

Ms. Annie Ung – VP of Global Business Development

Ms. Ung has been instrumental in designing, operating and managing our HI-TEK representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2003. She continues to work closely with various Vietnamese and Laotian government agencies to further establish partnerships and maintain compliance with the countries’ local laws and regulations. Ms. Ung has much experience with global marketing and social media communications.


We strive to be the best CUGs (Closed User Groups) discount global online travel company in the world.

Our Technology Team is committed to designing, developing and implementing the most secured and easy to use e-commerce booking reservation technology and applications. 

We believe in building and sustaining a long-term relationship with our Clients and Partners by maintaining a clear and honest communication. Excellent customer service is our highest priority. 

We will make your travel experience a … Reality in a Digital World


  • Dr. Lee Johnson, our President, received a special award from Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung for his “Achievements in the Development of the Internet in Vietnam and Contributing to the Development of the Economic and Social Affairs of the country". The honor is the first of its kind, awarded to a recipient outside of the country, in a state ceremony in Hanoi, on July 22, 2011.
  • Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored Dr. Lee Johnson for “Contributions in the Development of IT in Vietnam”, in a state ceremony in Hanoi on March 20, 2008.
  • Vietnam’s Ministry of Post and Telematics (“MPT”) (renamed the Ministry of Information and Communications (“MIC”) honored Dr. Lee Johnson for his “Contributions to the Development of the Internet in Vietnam”, in a state ceremony in Hanoi, on January 26, 2007.