Mu Cang Chai Vietnam in the top 10 most beautiful mountain in the world

Mu Cang Chai is a small mountain town in the west of Yen Bai Province, about 300 km from Hanoi. You will find yourself smaller than ever before in the Northwest. You will also find tranquility, the luxuries of the busy city. Autumn comes, the terraces in Mu Cang Chai is more attractive with the yellow dress shirt rice season

Visitors come to Mu Cang Chai on the harvest season of September, October



Not only attract visitors by Mu Cang Chai terraces, you also have a hot spring bath. The features of the bath are all naked and even the boys can be allowed to join, while chatting with the local girls

The terraces are unique and charming. This is an "artificial wonder" that is not elsewhere in the world. The terraces, like pieces of the puzzle, are joined together in a very harmonious and unique way.

mua nuoc do.jpg


May June is the season to pour water, as summer rains begin pouring water down the mountains into the terraced fields. Water spills into paddies, making the soils softer and more fertile so that they can grow rice. The steps in the sun in the afternoon to create a beauty that so many visitors to be surprised.


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Being considered one of the most beautiful paragliding places in Vietnam, this season looks from the paragliding to the beauty of poetic, majestic and infatuated. Although it is risky but can say, flying paragliding in the sky Mu Cang Chai will be impressive impression difficult to fade

In addition to the terraced fields, visitors are attracted by the unforgettable specialties of Mu Cang Chai

Sticky five. Those who are far from the opportunity to go to the mountain market all want to enjoy and will remember forever this unforgettable taste.


Grilled fish. The fish will be baked directly or grilled on a charcoal fire. When the fish is ripe, you will smell the aroma spread everywhere, the sweet aroma of fish meat mixed with spices, make you swoon.


Grilled chicken will help you feel the new delicious taste of specialties northwest highlands



Buffalo meat is a specialty of ethnic minority people. Mu Cang Chai buffalo meat is marinated, smoked for several months and usually hang on the kitchen.


On the pass there are many large and empty lands for you to set up camp here


ve đẹp của mùa lúa chín.jpg

Raspberry is the name that people love to travel to a place to photograph is very beautiful when the rice crop Mu Cang Chai. If you have enough motor and steering wheel, you can run your own car.

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Tourists come to visit a lot 


Mu Cang Chai every season is beautiful, from the very basic, friendly people here. The smell of rice is very fragrant cause you do not want to ask forever.




Những tia nắng mai xuyên mây rọi bình minh cho vàng thêm bông lúa.jpg
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